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What is “coworking?”
According to the Oxford Dictionary, coworking is “The use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.” In 2018, the Associated Press finally adopted “coworking” as a word without a hyphen.
Why should I cowork instead of just working at home?
The freedom to work from home is great for emergencies or when you’re not feeling well. But studies have shown that actually getting dressed and leaving the house makes you more productive. Having a space outside the home where you primarily focus on work allows you to create boundaries for a healthy work/life balance.
Why should I cowork instead of working at a coffee shop or library?
While okay for quick pit stops–coffee shops, cafes, or local libraries just aren’t correctly configured for getting things done. You have to fight for a good seat, access to electrical outlets, and you may need to keep buying things to keep up appearances. The internet connection may be limited, the noise levels unpredictable, and there’s no good way to go to the bathroom without losing your spot or depending on a stranger!
Why should I join BLANKSPACES instead of one of the big coworking conglomerates?
For the same reasons you’d support any local small business! We’re Los Angeles’ first coworking community, and one of the only coworking spaces in California old enough to have survived through the Great Recession. We can more directly address your needs and each location uniquely evolves based on the surrounding neighborhood and the needs of our members. We’re all inclusive and accept members of all genders, ages, and industries. Plus, we’ve heard from members and guests that the professional environment at BLANKSPACES is more conducive to their productivity than some of the bigger spots skewing very young or more towards partying.
Can I bring my bike/scooter/skateboard?
We always love it when our members can keep it green instead of driving! Most of our locations have bike racks and/or areas to store your equipment so it’s not in the way of others.
Where do I park? How much is parking?
California’s greatest conundrum! Our memberships do not include parking at any location, and we do not validate. Some locations offer monthly parking passes for an additional fee (ask staff for pricing and availability). All locations have public or pay lots nearby, and several have free street parking or meters. We recommend using to find a good spot. Make sure to read all signs carefully!
How do you track how long people stay? Is there a grace period?
For walk-in coworking we sell half-day (5 hour) and full day (10 hour) passes. We do not use any duration less than 5 hours because we can’t watch everyone that closely. So for example, if your virtual office membership comes with 15 hours of WorkCafé time, that’s three visits. For meeting rooms and events, if there is another booking following yours, you must be out of the space at the end of your reserved time. If not, there is a 15 minute grace period. If you stay longer than 15 minutes past your end time, you will be billed for another half hour.
What is the guest policy?
As outlined in our membership agreement, you may have guests visit for a maximum of two hours. If they’ll be staying longer, we ask that you purchase a half or full-day WorkCafé pass. Guests use office resources and add to our carbon footprint.
When are you going to open up a location in _________?
If we’re not already in your area, we might be soon! We’re always looking for new partnership opportunities. If you’d like to work with us, use the contact form to get in touch. In the meantime, all BLANKSPACES memberships include access to LeXC, the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces. You get up to five days/year at EACH of their 90+ coworking spaces worldwide. Click here for more info or contact us if you have questions about this perk.
Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions and allergies?
Please let us know about any dietary restrictions, allergies, or medical conditions we might need to know about. We will do our best to make the office safe for you, but we cannot guarantee compliance or control all the actions of all members and guests, so please take necessary precautions. BLANKSPACES typically stocks at least one non-dairy creamer, and we do our best to include options for everyone when selecting food for member events and Happy Hours! Feel free to make suggestions or requests to your location’s staff.



Do you offer 24/7 access? What if I want to use the office outside of your operating hours?
24/7 office access is included in Private Office and WorkStation memberships only.
Is BLANKSPACES dog friendly?
This varies depending on each location’s building policies, but most of our locations are dog friendly–as long as the dogs are quiet and housetrained. Service animals are always welcome.
How is noise controlled in the open areas? Do you have phone booths?
Some of our locations have phone booths members can use for 30 minutes or less.
We believe that a certain level of white noise in the office is healthy and aids productivity. Dead silence is not required or expected. You are welcome to converse or take phone calls at your desk or in the WorkCafé at a reasonable noise level. If you like to talk loudly and/or need privacy, you may utilize a phone booth, meeting room, or outdoor patio areas. Please also use one of those options, or headphones, for videos, music, or video chats. Please be considerate of others.
Can I eat at my desk or in my office?
Yes! Please clean up after yourself. You may also eat in our lounges and patios. Please do not store food in your office or desk to prevent bugs! Use the fridge or shared cabinets. We will happily provide you with labeling materials if needed.
How fast is your internet?
All of our locations feature wireless internet capability of 100/100 mbps or more. Actual speed may vary slightly depending on the amount of use at any given time. If you feel the internet speed is impeding your ability to work efficiently, please alert the BLANKSPACES front desk staff for troubleshooting.
Can I bring my own furniture?
Because our Private Offices have glass fronts, we provide furniture for an overall aesthetic. If you’d like to bring in your own furniture instead of, or in addition to ours, please contact your location staff so that the design review board (of one) can take a look. You are responsible for any moving costs or damages. WorkStation members may bring small shelving or storage containers as long as they do not protrude outside of your workspace. We reserve the right to refuse any items that cause a fire hazard or disturb the community.
Can I modify my private office?
You may hang photos or paintings in your private office but are responsible for any permanent damage done to the walls. Other requests such as painting or window coverings, are discouraged but handled on a case-by-case basis and may incur additional fees. You may not modify any wiring, carpet, or doors. We reserve the right to refuse anything that causes a hazard or disturbs the community.
Can I put up a sign for my business?
All members may submit a logo and directory listing for our digital displays. You may not put signage outside our building or in the shared workspaces. You may use signage within your Private Office or WorkStation as long as it does not cause a hazard or disturb the community.



Why does it cost more to add people to my private office?
Our private offices accommodate a certain number of people, reflected in your monthly rates and membership agreement. If you’ll be having more people working out of your office on a regular basis, you must purchase a WorkCafé membership or day passes (our lowest level of membership). Although they may be occupying the same space you already pay for, additional members increase our carbon footprint, use office resources, use more furniture, and require staff labor to process.
What is the cancellation policy?
All memberships require a 30-day written termination notice. For non-member meeting rooms and all events, the cancellation policy is as follows: A full refund will be issued if cancelled more than 2 weeks prior to the reservation, 50% refund will be issued if cancelled 1-2 weeks prior, and cancellations made less than 1 week prior to reservation will receive no refund.
What is the security deposit policy?
Our memberships require a refundable security deposit equal to one month’s membership fee. In certain cases of very large or lengthy contracts, we may request larger security deposits. After your termination date, we review your account expenses and any damages incurred, and then will return what’s left of the security deposit within 90 days. For events, we review any damages or additional costs, and will return your remaining security deposit within 14 days.
What if I don’t want the mailing address or phone number?
Let staff know if you won’t be using the mailing address or phone number included in certain memberships. However, there is no rate reduction for not using these resources, as they are already bundled in the membership rates.
Can I pay online?
Yes, you may pay online! We use Mindbody Online’s payment platform. We also accept PayPal. Contact the billing department for more information.
Is there a non-profit discount?
Yes! Registered 501c3 non-profit organizations get a 20% discount on all services. This may not be combined with other discounts or promotions.
May I temporarily suspend my account?
Yes you may! Please review the suspension policy before submitting your request.
How do I cancel or downgrade my account?
We require a 30-day termination notice for all memberships. You can submit your termination notice at This form applies to terminations, partial terminations, membership downgrades, or employee removal from a company’s membership.
Whom should I contact with questions about my account or payments?
Please direct all questions regarding accounts and payments to the billing department at



Will you sponsor my event?
Maybe. BLANKSPACES occasionally provides event fee discounts for sponsorships when the presenting company or organization aligns well with our community or offers a mutually beneficial service. We do not provide free event hosting.
Can you help promote my event/product?
If you’re hosting an event at BLANKSPACES, we are happy to help digitally promote it on social media and digital displays, as long as it aligns with our community values and interests. Please provide artwork and detail copy to our staff. We occasionally will digitally promote outside events that may be of great interest to our community, especially if offering free attendance or discounts. Use the contact form to email us for consideration.
Can I serve food and alcohol at my event?
You may serve food at your event or in meeting room reservations. Depending on the type of refreshment and volume of attendees, an additional cleaning fee may apply. BLANKSPACES cannot supply you with serving materials, tablecloths, paper goods, utensils, or condiments, and we cannot store large amounts of food in the fridge or freezer. Please make sure you bring everything you need with you. Be sure to tell staff if you’ll be needing extra tables to serve food. You may serve alcohol but you may not sell alcohol at BLANKSPACES.
Do you allow filming?
We occasionally allow film shoots to reserve our spaces. These requests are considered and priced on a case-by-case basis. For a better chance of approval we recommend you stick to the communal spaces, and have your shoot at night or on the weekend. Film shoots may not access or alter member’s offices, desks, or belongings without consent. Contact us for requests.



What is Proximity?
Proximity is a mobile phone application we use for keyless office entry at most of our locations. Once you become a BLANKSPACES member, we will give you door access commensurate with your membership type.
What is Bailiwik?
Bailiwik is our official online community. Sign up to network with other members, share events, get local deals, and utilize their goal-sharing features.
What is Morsel?
Morsel provides our community with free snacks in exchange for your opinions! If you eat any of the Morsel snacks, you must fill out their feedback surveys to help ensure we continue with them in good standing. Click here to take the surveys and be sure to enter your respective BLANKSPACES location as your coworking space.
What are your policies on inclusion and harassment?
BLANKSPACES is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of people in our space in any form. People violating these rules may be expelled from the space at the discretion of BLANKSPACES. If you feel you’ve been harassed by a member of our community or feel uncomfortable in any way, please contact a BLANKSPACES staff member immediately.
How do I submit a complaint?
If you have a complaint regarding another BLANKSPACES member, please alert the front desk staff of your location. If you have a complaint regarding a BLANKSPACES staff member, you may use the “Contact Us” form to be contacted by a manager.


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