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Work for yourself, not by yourself

Welcome to BLANKSPACES’ new blog, where we’ll be publishing anything and everything about the new ‘workstyle’.  Gone are the traditional relationships of employer and employee.  We’re a culture of independent professionals where we devote passionately to our projects, causes, and ambitions.  This is not to say that top-down hierarchies won’t continue to exist, nor the relevance of horizontal organizations.  Instead, we collaborate, work in teams, and profess loyalty in the interim – not to institutions.  We’re nimble and flexible.  We can be a group of 10…or 2, and that might change every month.

The most recent collapse of credit, banks, and corporations simply sealed our fate for this way of working.  We were already admiring this style sometimes from afar, but now, many of us have been forced to take this road.  Layoffs suck, but so do endless years of envy within the corporate and institutional prisons.

Real estate has always been traditional and has never addressed the elasticity of workflows and workstyles.  BLANKSPACES is now here to enable your professional ambitions.

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