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Work at home to increase your business transportation deduction!

I just came across this great tax deduction that I just couldn’t NOT tell you all: work at home to increase your business transportation deduction!

When you work from home and treat that as your primary workplace, commuting to any other workplace is tax deductible!  So, continue to work from home, and deduct the miles you’d use to commute to your other office at BLANKSPACES!

Here’s why: The IRS does not allow a deduction from commuting from home to work and back.  That’s your primary, and necessary commute.  But it does allow a deduction from getting from one workplace to another, no matter if one of those is at home.  If you work in your home office, and then drive to, say, BLANKSPACES (hmmm…), you are now driving “from one workplace to another.”  That commute can be by car, train, subway, or bus.  Nice.

Thanks Colleen Rice for this tidbit!

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