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Virtual Office

What is a virtual office?
A virtual office in Los Angeles allows you to establish a dedicated phone line + business mailing address without the
cost of a full-time office.

How can a Virtual Office help me?
• Separate your personal life from your professional life.
• Receive packages and mail, while you may be out and about, or perhaps at a client site.
• Keep minimal overhead when establishing an “office”.
• Utilize a phone solution that adapts to you and your team: a phone tree can connect your entire team; call hunt groups can track
you down then emails you the voicemail.

What do I get with a Virtual Office package?
• A business address.
• A dedicated mailbox and package receiving.
• A dedicated business VOIP phone line.

How much does a Virtual Office at BLANKSPACES cost?

• Starting at just $75/month.

Can I order online?
Yes, Get started today. Signup below.


Are there Prepaid plans?
Yes, you can save money by pre-paying.