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Twitter Is A Dream Come True For Brand Awareness

It is undeniable that Twitter has quickly become a mainstay of social media alongside Facebook. There are many key reasons for its popularity and its rise in popularity, like the simplicity, micro-blogging platform, and mobile application. Twitter’s growth is astounding; in April 2010 they released some of their statistics including over 105 million registered users, 300,000 new registered users per day, and 180 million unique visitors per month. Simply said, people are spending their time reading tweets and making tweets.

Businesses are now realizing the potential of creating brand awareness on Twitter as people continue to shift their attention away from traditional forms of media. If managed effectively, companies can use Twitter to reach a large, targeted audience regardless of industry. A presence on Twitter allows companies to be found by users searching for their products and services because they can actively attract potential customers by providing useful content and information.

Twitter provides a platform that allows businesses to find targeted prospects, then engage them by providing relevant information and through direct, real-time conversation. Twitter makes it easy for us to help our clients manage relationships with new prospects and existing customers. This is much more powerful than one way marketing of yesterday. This new interactive marketing allows a dialogue that can help match the needs of the consumer and the benefits being offered by businesses.

Vince Yuen founded TweetsByUs, a Twitter & Facebook management company, after experiencing the benefits of social media in creating brand awareness and driving traffic to a site he co-founded, Since then, he has been constantly learning about how social media marketing works and how it is evolving. He holds an MBA from the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego and a BA in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara.

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