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The Business of Happiness

By Henna Merchant

We are all in the business of happiness, no matter the means. We make our daily living by serving others and delivering value to others.

Most of us know this regardless of education or experience, but as someone who operates a service-based business, my job is to help others be aware of it and optimize their assets to their fullest gains.

Our respective success ultimately depends on the extent to which we connect with others, and how skilled we are at establishing and maintaining relationships. This is nothing new. It is our personalities that we leverage to achieve relationships, and successful brands and companies are run by genuine people who practice this standard of communication.

One of my mentors, Rohit Bhargava, Senior Vice President of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, a genuinely nice person (and quite brilliant, if I might say so) is on the verge of launching his second book titled “Likeanomics,” the premise of which is that relationships are based on real interactions, with personality and humanity.

Prior to this book, Rohit wrote (and disclaimer: I was formerly his publicist on this one) Personality Not Included, a practical guide for brands on how to communicate with their publics and build successful relationships. As a persuasive communications practitioner, I mention these books because the concepts are powerful and they have helped me better serve my clients and also everyone else in my life. And they offer a great reminder: that we are all in the business of happiness.

Henna Merchant is the Principal of Clicked :: Digital PR & Marketing Communications, an agency that combines digital influence, social and traditional media, public relations and marketing to produce a persuasive communications mix.

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