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Suspension Policy

Reduced staffing due to COVID-19: Please note that although we are doing our best to reply to all emails and billing requests as quickly as possible, our response time may be delayed due to reduced staffing and the high volume of requests. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. 


Sometimes you need to press pause on your membership. Health concerns arise, you need to travel for a few months, life happens…we get it! We call this a membership suspension, and it is literally just pressing the pause button on your membership.

How do I suspend my membership?
Please submit the form below or click here to access the form in a new tab once you have reviewed the suspension policy.

Is it really that simple?
Yes! However, please note the fine print as this part also matters to both of us and we don’t want you to be surprised by anything.

  • Suspensions must start and stop on future renewal dates.
  • Suspensions cannot retroactively occur. We can’t suspend the renewal that occurred last Tuesday and give you a refund for it.
  • Billing will automatically resume at the end of your suspension.
  • Mailing address services cannot be suspended. If you pay for a WorkStation, you can suspend that part, but you’ll have to pay for a Virtual Office during your suspension.
  • Dedicated work spaces are not held for you during your suspension. You’ll need to vacate your Private Office entirely, and we cannot guarantee that it will be available for you when you return. We can, though, guarantee that Private Office will be available, it just might be a different one.
  • If you use our meeting rooms or WorkCafe (at any location) during your suspension, you will need to pay for that time at full retail rate. No member discounts or privileges can be applied.
  • If you use any of our services during your suspension, you will need to pay for those services at the time of receipt. We cannot invoice you for these services after they occur.
  • Suspended months do not count towards the fulfillment of your contract term. They merely extend the contract term.
  • If you suspend your membership but then subsequently need to terminate your membership, you are still required to submit (and pay for) a 30-day termination notice, and you are still liable for early termination fees.
  • Should you need an indefinite or open-ended membership suspension, we are happy to accommodate your need. Please enter the same date for your desired start and stop dates. Then, in the comments box, write “I would like an indefinite suspension.”



BLANKSPACES’ membership suspension policy exists to help meet your workspace and financial needs. Though our policy still remains that suspensions must start and stop on renewal dates, please enter your desired suspension dates below and we will do our best to honor them. Feel free to add comments at the end if you feel an explanation would be helpful for the Billing Department.