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Perils of the Home Office (And How the Unintentional Entrepreneur Overcomes Them)

If you are an “unintentional entrepreneur” – someone who has had to strike out on your own because of the economy rather than because of a concerted effort to start a business – chances are you will start out working at home. And while working at home is often touted as a dream lifestyle, chances are that the dream will start to fade into reality as early as day one.

For starters, if you have kids, they may not understand the concept of “working at home” and think that you available for playing, and ice-cream serving and story reading. And your spouse, even though he or she knows you are working, may find it just a little too easy to peek into your office several times a day to discuss non-work related matters. Even friends have been known to get in on the action and think that just because you are working from home means you are available for lunch, a long chat, or an afternoon watching their sick child.

So how do you manage when the “life” part of your work/life balance seems to be taking over?

Forget the “home” part of “home office” (and make sure everyone else does, too)


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