Member Spotlight: Sam Malik, Malik Media

Sam Malik
Sam Malik, Malik Media

Have you visited our Larchmont location yet? Here’s a spotlight on one of the hard-working members you might meet there, Sam Malik of Malik Media!

With a background in design, Sam is the Director of Creative + Strategy at Malik Media, working directly with clients on the strategy side and remotely managing a team of designers, developers, and content strategists back on the East Coast.

Malik Media is a creative marketing agency. They help elevate and redefine brands that already exist; or for some larger clients, they serve as an outsourced marketing department handling everything from high-level strategy to routine collateral execution.

“We help our clients take their ideas from whiteboard to fruition,” Sam says. “Whether it be brand positioning strategy, logo and visual design, or web development, we provide the expertise and creative arsenal to help companies of all sizes present themselves and communicate their stories at the same caliber as their industries’ key players.”

One of their latest clients is a new luxury pet hotel in Washington D.C. Malik Media is assisting with everything from the design of the space itself, to brand identity and positioning, web design, and copywriting.

“It’s been a super fun project for our whole team [to help] them build the business strategically from scratch,” Sam says. “It’s also presented a very unique challenge; which is crafting a story that is not perceived as vanity and instead as a form of rejuvenation and appreciation for pets… We need people to know this isn’t just for the Kardashians of the world.”

Despite having a full university scholarship, Sam never finished college and spent two years freelancing and teaching himself with YouTube videos before starting his agency.

“The democratization of skills-based knowledge in the modern tech era, combined with the fact that I had a brilliant public school education, is what makes me immensely passionate about education, the policy surrounding it, and the debate regarding the necessity of college degrees,” Sam says. “I’m [also] especially passionate about the LGBTQ+ community, as well as political movements surrounding immigration and civil rights.”

Having just moved to Los Angeles from Ohio, Sam is still exploring and taking in everything the city has to offer.

“I love going to the beach and hiking, going to the bars on Santa Monica Blvd, and trying new places to eat with friends,” he says. “That all sounds basic, but the reality of LA is you literally never run out of those types of things to do.”

At BLANKSPACES Larchmont, you’ll find Sam at the WorkBar, in a phone booth, or wandering around the office.

“Funny story,” Sam says, “[one time] while I was taking a call, I actually slammed my face into the glass in the left call room overlooking the balcony– so kudos to whoever keeps the glass so clean!”

Sam says that having coffee and snacks available is one of his favorite things about BLANKSPACES. Since he starts work as early as possible to communicate with his colleagues on the East Coast, he likes not having to waste time picking up coffee at a shop. He enjoys using the different areas of the space for working, taking calls, relaxing, or eating.

“The multiple legs of the building– as opposed to one giant open floor plan– make it nice to find quiet pockets when I just need to dig in and work uninterrupted,” Sam says.

Next time you’re at BLANKSPACES Larchmont, don’t be shy about saying hi to Sam.

“We are always looking for additional design talent for when we need extra hands if our capacity gets tapped and if there are any companies in need of anything marketing-related, I’d be happy to chat as well,” Sam says. “Also, I’m new here– so if anyone just wants to grab coffee or a drink and talk shop, I am always more than up for it!”

You can contact Sam and Malik Media at

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