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Member Spotlight: Ryan E. Long, Long & Associates

Ryan E. Long
Ryan E. Long

A member at BLANKSPACES Santa Monica, Ryan E. Long provides legal services to growing media, tech, & design companies. His firm Long & Associates, PLLC, solves their clients’ intellectual property, corporate, & litigation problems, and has successfully gone up against corporate giants like Intel and Warner Bros. Ryan is passionate about entrepreneurship and highly efficient non-profits, and while not working he’s an amateur drawer, published author, and a surprisingly decent chef! While living in Los Angeles he stays active by swimming, biking, hiking, and searching for random restaurants.


Ryan likes working at BLANKSPACES Santa Monica because it allows him to be more productive while surrounded by the energy of like-minded individuals. He is happy to network with other BLANKSPACES members and is specifically looking for companies who need preventative or corrective legal counseling without the big firm rates. He offers 18 years of legal experience to growing companies to help them to their next stage of development.


To contact Ryan, visit his website at

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