Member Spotlight: Jae Chang

Jae Chang does Start-Up Operations for Bootstrap Legal at BLANKSPACES Downtown LA. Bootstrap Legal, founded by Amy Wan, reinvents the user experience around legal services, by using AI to automate real estate private equity fund documents. Jae graduated from the University of Southern California where he received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Control and Signal Processing.


1. What is your favorite sporting event?

The first question is by far the easiest one to answer! I love going to the USC football games, I have been to over 50 games since my first game in freshman year in 2004. I have even been to away games as far as Boston (vs Boston College) and New York (vs Syracuse). I love to tailgate on campus and cheer for the Trojans with my friends! ūüôā


2. Best restaurant for a quick lunch near the office?

There are so many great lunch options near the office including the eateries¬†inside the Grand Central Market – I love G&B Coffee for caffeinated drinks and Wexler’s Deli for bagels. But I really love going to Rice Bar to grab their Filipino¬†Pork Longganisa dish that Charles creates from scratch! This was definitely a hard question to answer because I love to eat!


3. What class in college/graduate school made the most impact on you?

Even though I liked creating projects (like speakers) with resistors and capacitors during my undergrad electrical engineering classes, I loved my intro to theology class in grad school that taught me to have a very open-minded view on all religions.


4. What do you consider to be the biggest development in your field?

I consider making successful AI implementation in automation of legal document drafting (among other things in law) as the biggest development in my field.


5. How do you unwind?

I love to go out with my wife and friends to enjoy craft beers. When I am on my own, I try to read something educational or study… however, I often end up spiraling into the never-ending tunnel of YouTube videos about travel, food and unboxing shoes/tech.


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