Louis Tanguay and Palu

Member Profile: Louis Tanguay, Circle Marketing

BLANKSPACES Culver City member Louis Tanguay is the owner and managing director of Circle Marketing, a full-service agency, and App Growth Summit which produces conferences for mobile app growth professionals all over the world. You might have seen him strolling through the WorkCafe to his private office with Palu, aka “the best bulldog in the history of the world.”

With Circle Marketing, Louis has worked with clients including BMW and the University of Southern California (USC) Football team to provide services such as website design and development, video marketing, advertising, and social media marketing. App Growth Summit has produced their exclusive invite-only events on five different continents for App Growth Experts to openly and honestly share ideas, brainstorm, and network.

“I am a college drop-out who started and/or ran four successful business, none of which failed,” Tanguay says. He is passionate about causes such as racial justice and equality, gender, ethnic, and LGBTQ+ empowerment, & equal rights. “Education and business ownership is the start, then property ownership and political office would be next.”

When not at work, Louis enjoys playing guitar, photography, and attending continuous self-defense training at Alliance Krav Maga a few blocks away from the office. “I’m a Krav Maga Black Belt, so I can double as security at BLANKSPACES Culver City if stuff goes down,” says Tanguay, laughing. He also considers making jokes and laughing one of his favorite hobbies because “life is too short and we NEED laughs…especially in 2020…jeez!!”

Louis sits in the corner office of BLANKSPACES Culver City, overlooking the intersection of Main St. & Culver Blvd. “I have the best office in the whole place,” Tanguay says. “Can’t beat the view, it’s a good space for a few people, my dog loves it there, and the staff is super duper friendly and very accommodating.” COVID precautions and physical distancing aren’t much of a worry for him in his own private office, but he does note ” “I appreciate how thoughtful the staff has been with providing us the cleanest environment they can, checking everyone at the door, and regularly disinfecting the common areas to ensure member safety.”

Though Louis & Palu are always happy to make new friends, he prefers more structured networking. “[In case I’m busy I don’t want to] have random people pop in the office…I don’t want to seem rude, so planned meetings/lunches/coffees would be great and welcomed!” Connect with Louis at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanguay/.

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