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Chris Reale

Member Ambassador: Chris Reale, Graphic Designer

Graphic designer Chris Reale is one of the first BLANKSPACES member ambassadors! To help bring our coworking communities together, BLANKSPACES staff will choose a select few at each location to help represent the member community. Ambassadors will attend member events, get to know their fellow coworkers, and help orient newcomers.

A long-time member of BLANKSPACES Culver City (even before it was BLANKSPACES!), Chris Reale can most often be found in the communal WorkCafe, plugged into his monitors and working on his latest graphic design project. His company, Reale Image Works specializes in designing, branding, advertising, brochures, magazines, flyers, banners, menus, etc.

“Simply the constant diversity of clientele has made most of my projects interesting and unique endeavors for my craft,” says Chris, whose web portfolio features past gigs and clients such as Los Angeles Magazine, the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Marmalade Cafe in Santa Monica, and the Constitutional Right Foundation.

In his free time, Chris’ hobbies include photography, film, art, history, travel, and biking. But when he needs to get to work, he heads to BLANKSPACES Culver City.

“I like the sense of an open community and communication with other individuals who are simply looking to follow through with their dreams and passions,” Chris says. “Simply that sense of being around like-minded and passionate individuals helps tremendously with my productivity.”

Chris is currently seeking graphic design and networking opportunities. Visit the Reale Image Works website at and contact him at

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