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How Twitter Works and How It Can Help Your Business

Why would anyone want to twitter about what you’re eating for lunch, then for dinner? Who CARES? Say, you’re a nutritionist (Weight Watchers? You heard it here first!), and you’d like to keep tabs on your clients’ eating habits. What would be a benign, effective way for your clients to log their eats? Quick text messages to Twitter are great: everyone phone has it, and clients keep track right then and there (not at the end of the day, via e-mail, when people will forget…or lie?). OR, you ARE the client and you’d love some instant feedback from the rest of your diet group about where a healthy meal might be in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Say, you love shopping (EVERY[girl] out there – you heard it here first!) and love to share your finds: great sales, discounts, deals…whatEVER! Wouldn’t you love to let all your friends know quickly? That’s right, Twitter.

Twitter is the digital APB (all points bulletin, courtesy of all those police shows). If you’ve ever posted your “status update” on FaceBook – it’s basically the same. However, the etiquette on Twitter is to post actual useful content, vs. FaceBook which can be a bit more trivial. Twitter and FaceBook status updates are “microblogging”. And if you don’t even know why blogs are useful, think of them as letters to the [newspaper/magazine] editor, but without the likelihood that they won’t publish your letter anyway.

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