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Virtual Healthcare Collective

Virtual Healthcare Collective Membership


BLANKSPACES Collective can get medical insurance for any individual or small business with <20 employees whose work is primarily desk-based, and physically located anywhere in the U.S. Our unique arrangement can provide cheaper &/or better health coverage, along with a full suite of HR and other business services.

You will simultaneously become a BLANKSPACES member and K-1 partner of BLANKSPACES Collective, LLC. TriNet is our HR and payroll services company.


Your monthly fee consists of the following:

$125 TriNet HR Services Fee + 

$75 starting rate for BLANKSPACES + 

$66 taxes/bookkeeping + 

$____ your selected health plan


Sample Monthly Rates (yours will vary)

Try the calculator below for a more detailed estimate.

Individual: $534/month

Individual + Spouse: $867/mo

Individual + Family: $1050/mo

For additional employees you just add in the cost of their health plans and multiply the $125 TriNet fee and $66 taxes/bookkeeping fee by number of employees. BLANKSPACES membership only needs to be paid once per company.


In addition to your new health insurance you’ll receive additional benefits. The TriNet HR fee covers access to the wide variety of quality health plans at these reduced rates, options to pay into FSA/HSA/401K accounts, group discounts access (movies, theme parks, etc), mental health resources, and HR services to help you manage employees or expand in the future. Your BLANKSPACES membership will include a business mailing address, mail forwarding services, business phone number, 15 hours/month in the WorkCafe, 1 hr/mo conference room time, virtual community memberships, events and networking, 20% off any additional purchases (ie: conference room, event space, etc), and access to our global network of coworking spaces (


In this shared Google Drive folder, you’ll find:


Next Steps: Please reply to your BLANKSPACES contact or with your selected BLANKSPACES membership (current members exempt) and your chosen health plan. We’ll do the calculations and get back to you as soon as possible with your monthly rate.


Not sure yet?
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. TriNet is also happy to contact you directly to help compare your current plan with one of their offerings–if you’d like us to put them in touch with you please send us your direct phone number and email address. 


Calculate Your Monthly Rate Estimate
Health Plan
Estimates based on monthly rates for least expensive available plan. Many different types of plans and regions available.
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