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Get Messy . . . so you can clean it up.

By Brandon Broadstone

Design is a process of creativity that functions with ingenuity. Sometimes, the regular routine creates the best work. Other times, design requires mixing it up. Hitting some extremes. Getting very, very messy, and then coming back to reality to clean it up.

In the world of design, getting messy is simple: it’s working faster than your brain. It is prepping yourself with the information needed, but not having a predetermined outcome. Know your goals. Go with your instincts. Work with your hands. Keep moving.

If things become stagnant, then try something new. Introduce some personal vices. And some nervous habits. Be open to surprises, and remember this: There is liberation in not caring. There is freedom in letting go, in tearing things apart, in working with fragments. You are creating kinks–wait a while before you comb them out. What you’ve got should be messy and ugly and some of the best ideas you’ve ever created.

Now clean it up. Organize your creation. What worked? What didn’t? Take your favorite ideas, dust them off, and place them on a newly cleaned surface.

Then repeat.

Brandon Broadstone is a freelance designer and owner of Broadstone Designs. He frequently works as a creative consultant on architecture projects, as well as product and graphic designs. He earned a masters of architecture from SCI-Arc.

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