COVID-19 Health and Safety Updates

We will continue to update this page as the situation develops, highlighting the most recent changes when applicable.

LATEST UPDATE: 03/12/2020

In accordance with the latest government mandates, BLANKSPACES Culver City and Santa Monica are limiting capacity to 25%; within that limit we can now allow walk-ins, special trials, tours, meeting/conference room reservations, and referral partner reservations (such as DeskPass), as well as continuing all existing member services. Should we reach 25% capacity, members will be given priority.

Regardless of your vaccination status, all previous COVID-19 prevention measures remain in effect, including the use of masks in all open areas. We encourage you to consider the government guidelines on essential work and CDC guidelines for gatherings and fully vaccinated persons.


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We want to assure you that we take everyone’s health and safety very seriously. Here are the rules and procedures for visiting BLANKSPACES – however please note that we view personal responsibility as the first measure of protection. Please be safe and follow all guidelines as we do not want to have to police anyone. You can review this list and view any future updates anytime at


General Guidelines

· Non-medical face coverings are required at all times unless you are in an enclosed space (private office, meeting room, phone booth).

· Please stay home if you are not feeling well in any way, especially if you have had any symptoms associated with COVID-19 within the last 14 days; or if you have (or suspect you may have) had any exposure to the virus or those affected within the last 14 days.

· All persons entering must sign-in and sign-out for contact tracing. You will be asked to confirm you are feeling well and have not come into contact with COVID-19.

· We will attempt to check the temperature of all people entering the space with a touch-free thermometer. Temperature must be 99.9 degrees or lower to enter. Individuals with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher are not permitted in the space, and must stay at home for at least 72 hours before returning.

· Practice physical distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from others, including when you visit the front desk.

· Please wipe down surfaces and handles in the phone booths, conference rooms and kitchen before and after use, or ask for staff assistance.

· Practice diligent and thorough hand washing and sanitizing.

Facility Safety Updates

· Hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies are placed around the office for your use. Please do not throw away empty bottles. We will refill them. If possible, please use your own hand sanitizer, as supplies can be difficult to obtain and quantity limits are still in place for many items.

· We have retained a new and improved regular cleaning crew that will visit three times per week. Our new provider uses hospital-grade supplies and techniques.

· BLANKSPACES staff will frequently clean and disinfect the most commonly touched surfaces.

· WorkCafe seating has been reduced and areas taped off and labeled to promote physical distancing.

· Recommended occupancy of conference rooms and private offices has been reduced for physical distancing.

· HVAC filters replaced and will be changed more often.

· Signage all over the office will remind the community of these new guidelines


Mail Pickup Procedure

· The $5/per incidence mail handling fee for any opening, scanning, or forwarding of mail resumed on Monday, May 18. Unlimited mail handling may be added to your membership for $25/month.

· Staff may initial the mail log on your behalf, at your request.

· Curbside pickup is available ONLY if you are able to safely pull over on our side of the road. For Santa Monica, pull over between Broadway and the crosswalk leading to the red parking structure / OrangeTheory. For Culver City, pull over between Main and Cardiff (there are signs marked as passenger loading zones where you can pull over). Staff cannot cross the street to reach you. BLANKSPACES is not responsible for any damages or traffic violations. Once you’ve found a spot, call the front desk and they’ll bring your mail as soon as they can. Please be patient.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding, and for being an ongoing part of our member community! For assistance, please use the LiveChat widget in the bottom right corner of our website, or call/email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Santa Monica: 310-526-2255,
Culver City: 310-606-2716,
For all billing matters: – Please note that response time may be delayed.