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Review, reflect and plan ahead.

The best teacher is a teacher called life. And when we reflect on the past we are capturing the valuable lessons that our life has to offer. So while it’s always good to look forward, set goals and plan for the future, it’s equally valuable to review the year just past

What recession? How to land great new tech sector gig — today.

Regardless of the type of new ship you jump to, taking smart risks now can pay-off in big ways, especially when everyone else is playing safe. Now may be the perfect time for a bold personal move…Many people make the mistake of choosing the compensation package and title first. While those things matter, what matters most is the market opportunity, the company, the exec team, your role, and your direct boss. If you get those right, you’ll have fun, learn a lot, and make good money.

Perils of the Home Office (And How the Unintentional Entrepreneur Overcomes Them)

If you are an “unintentional entrepreneur” – someone who has had to strike out on your own because of the economy rather than because of a concerted effort to start a business – chances are you will start out working at home. Forget the “home” part of “home office” (and make sure everyone else does, too)