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Branding (3 of 3)

By Adam Mefford

We’ve been looking at design and branding from the angle of entrepreneurship. First we saw that the core of branding is having a coherent strategy. Next we looked at the planning behind an identity system and how this framework extends the character of the business.

Now let’s talk about design as execution. This means translating your identity system into the materials your business needs.

Once you have a well-planned identity system to work from, you can dismiss your top-dollar, strategic designer and hire a student intern for around $20/hour. If they have experience with the basic craft of design production, they will be fine at implementing the guidelines of the system. Your responsibility now is to give the intern the files from the system, (fonts, logos, color palettes, etc), along with the content and copy they need to populate your marketing materials.

In allocating your resources towards design, try and cover all touch-points of your business evenly, rather than blowing a lot on a single project, such as an overly-fancy site or business cards. It’s about the total impression—gaps cost more than flashy highlights earn.

Building a brand is about details in service of the greater vision. You must attend to both equally and always.

Adam Mefford is an alumni of Art Center College. He is presently launching a platform for entrepreneurship in Los Angeles known as Currency. Please email for more information.

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