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Branding (Part 2 of 3)

By Adam Mefford

(part two of three in a series on branding)

Last month I wrote about the most critical element of branding: a clearly articulated strategy for the business. Now let’s look at design, which is how most people think of branding.

Ideally, the product or service blends with the intangible meaning of a brand. The brand comes across as one unified, magical experience—hitting on all levels of body, mind and imagination.

In design training for branding, creative students develop systems to define aesthetic choices for composing and executing the assets of a company. This particular challenge is very specialized and appeals to a small percentage of creative designers.

At the start of your project you need one of these people to work with you on an identity system for your business. This translates your group character and strategy into specific criteria for designing the required materials.

Hiring someone with experience is worth your money—I’d recommend spending no less than $4K. You need a unique set of assets that will endure for at least five years and accommodate all future areas of design.

The goal is for your materials to give a sense of the logic and purpose uniting everything you do. This builds momentum and trust, and leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Adam Mefford is an alumni of Art Center College. He is launching a platform for entrepreneurship in Los Angeles known as Currency.

E-mail him at Adam Mefford

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