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Adding meaning to spring cleaning

By Samantha Bennett, The Organized Artist Company

Chores are just chores unless they are tied to a higher purpose, so before you start cleaning, organizing or putting things away, I want you to create a short list of how you want your space to feel. Close your eyes – how does the more-perfect version of your space look? Spacious? Clear? Warm? Cozy? Sun-soaked? Elegant?

Now, what do you imagine might happen if the space felt that way all the time? Might you be more productive? Have a more cheerful staff? Be more spontaneous? Spend less time looking for stuff?

Picking out one or two words from each list, let’s put it all together and make a sign that says:

I Want My Space To Feel________ So That I Can _________.

Now we’re not just getting organized (groan); we’re creating a space that feels “Open and Friendly” so that we can “Invite Friends Over Spontaneously” (yay!). Tying the work of organizing to your dreams and values will motivate you to action and help prevent backsliding.

Now, Get Rid Of Some Stuff
Don’t panic – I didn’t say, “Get rid of everything.” I said, “Get rid of some stuff.” Take a deep breath. Take frequent breaks. Don’t forget to eat something. If at any time in the process you feel wobbly, get a drink of water, remind yourself of your dreams and values (i.e., “having an open and friendly space so you can invite friends over spontaneously”) and keep going. Even doing a little is better than doing nothing.

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